Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Student led conference writing

WHAT : Blog your conference sharing about writing 

SO WHAT: In my student led conference I shared my classification paragraph about Orcas. Here it is
Classification :
Orcas are the largest dolphins in the world and one of the most powerful predators in the sea. Orcas are mammals and are very closely related to common dolphins like the short beak dolphin and the long beak dolphin. The orcas scientific family is called delphinidae it includes around 36 different species of dolphins like the bottlenose dolphin, the pilot whale and the false killer whale. The Orcas real name is the Orcinus Orca but nowadays they are usually referred to as Killer Whales, Blackfish or Orcas.

NOW WHAT: In my student led conference my writing goal was to 
Get a better understanding of the vocabulary that I use and giving a range of short and long sentences with different sentence starters.

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