Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Student led conference writing

WHAT : Blog your conference sharing about writing 

SO WHAT: In my student led conference I shared my classification paragraph about Orcas. Here it is
Classification :
Orcas are the largest dolphins in the world and one of the most powerful predators in the sea. Orcas are mammals and are very closely related to common dolphins like the short beak dolphin and the long beak dolphin. The orcas scientific family is called delphinidae it includes around 36 different species of dolphins like the bottlenose dolphin, the pilot whale and the false killer whale. The Orcas real name is the Orcinus Orca but nowadays they are usually referred to as Killer Whales, Blackfish or Orcas.

NOW WHAT: In my student led conference my writing goal was to 
Get a better understanding of the vocabulary that I use and giving a range of short and long sentences with different sentence starters.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Playground CARE Values

WHAT: I have been learning to manage myself in the playground

SO WHAT: I think that I have been showing the CARE Values in the playground by getting involved and taking turns and returning gear to the appropriate places. 

NOW WHAT: I think I need to work on playing safely because sometimes younger children or other people walk around when I am shooting in the netball courts and if the ball hits the rim or pole and somebody is standing in the way they will get hit in the head.

Extra Learning Opportunities

WHAT: I have been involved in extra learning activities in 2016

SO WHAT: Some of the things that I have been involved with are radio station, netball for winter sport and wet day monitoring. I have learnt how to use the controls on the control boad in the radio room which can control the sound, the volume, the microphones and the music when people are talking. I have also learnt that it is really hard to control a room of crazy year 4s when I am a wet day monitor.

NOW WHAT: In term 3/4 I would like to try some different activities that are available and and try to involve myself more in PALS.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Winter Sport

WHAT: I have been involved in weekly winter sport in 2016

SO WHAT: I play netball in the 5/6 A team. So far we have had only one win but all our loses have been really close and have mostly been with in 5 points difference. In our previous game we lost 11 - 15 against Paproa st which is a lot better than I thought we would get considering one of our tallest players hurt herself right before we left. I think I have improved on sticking to the player I am marking

NOW WHAT:  I think I need to improve in not contacting when I play.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Habitat Art/writing

WALT: Describe different habitats in New Zealand and species that live in them.
SO WHAT: for our habitat art we had to use a mix of collage, water paints, pens and pencils. I chose to do freshwater for my habitat. I used paint to create my sky and water,  for my backg Lund I used pen and pencil and for my foliage, sun, rocks and animals I used collage.

NOW WHAT: next time if I tried again I would like to make it more simple and maybe use a different habitat.

Here is a photo of my art

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

C.A.R.E Values

WHAT: I have been involved in the C.A.R.E values

SO WHAT: I am a master at knowing my learning goals and actively working to achieve them, using my time wisely, choosing appropriate books and respecting my own and others right to learn.

NOW WHAT: I still need to work on contributing to class and group discussions .